Kitchen and Bath Quick Fixes

Instead of pushing furniture right up against the walls in your living room, why not bring them out a few inches. This will give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

If you're looking for a kitchen floor that is low maintenance and easy to clean, ceramic tiles are best; hard wood can be punctured upon heavy or sharp impact, and linoleum wears over time.

An ideal accessory for the foyer is a mirror, This allows light to reflect down the hallways, and illuminate the rest of the corridor.

Does your teen need a place to tack up notes and memos? A great solution is to get two or three different sized corkboards, and arrange them in a fun and functional design on the wall.

To inexpensively change the look of a carpeted room, add a small area carpet over top of an existing carpet.

To make a small room feel bigger select complementary colours for your furniture, wall treatments and accessories.

To replace small nicks and marks in a stippled stucco ceiling, use a straw that is filled with the stucco compound, aim at the ceiling area and blow. Be careful not to inhale immediately afterwards.

To emphasize items you want to see, such as trim, molding or architectural details select colours that are lighter or darker than the things around them.

To make a small kitchen appear bigger, add several glass paned doors to the upper cabinets. This will make the room feel like it has more windows and will therefore provide more depth to the space.

By adding a full curtained window treatment you will not only create a warm, rich feel for your room but you will also be producing a sound buffer, making the room more cozy and intimate.

When doing faux finish techniques keep the room cool. This will give you the time you need to complete the technique before the paint dries to keep the finish looking even.

If you're looking to rejuvenate your front door, adding a splash of colour is ideal. Keep in mind that latex paint is best on metal or wood. Latex forms a breathable coating which allows water vapor to escape so the paint won't peel or crack.

Endless hours are spent in the dining room entertaining guests. So why not set up display shelves to feature some of your collections or hobbies. This will add to your decor and also act as a great conversation piece.

Area rugs are a great way to accent a room and introduce new colours. However, make sure you buy a rug that extends at least five inches beyond the furniture so the rug doesn't bunch up along the edges.

Turn your master bedroom into a relaxing oasis. Try designing with colours that make you feel at ease. Lilacs and blues create a positive and mellow ambiance. And don't be afraid to give your reprieve functions, such as a reading or television area equipped with reclining chairs.

To make a long, narrow hallway seem wider, paint one of the long walls a darker colour than the other three walls: this will visually stretch the hallway in width rather than length.

KIS: Keep It Simple is always the key when decorating in your first home. Expensive purchases like sofas, dining or bedroom suites should be of neutral design and colour to take you through many decorating styles, while blending with existing and future furniture styles until your pocketbook allows your decorating plan to be finished. The question is however, is it ever finished?

If you've got a favorite colour that you've loved for a long time, decorate with it in your home! Whether it's strong bright colours or powdery soft colours, decorate with it in your home. It's as easily as painting a wall, or finding your favorite colour in some throw cushions or bedding. If you figure out what your favorite colour is, chances are you already have traces of it in your wardrobe and decorating scheme! Enhance it! Live with it! Why shouldn't we live with the things we love?

Here are three easy ways to “summer-ize” your home for spring: Lift up the heavy wool Persian rugs. If the room feels too empty without a carpet, invest in a lightweight area rug made of sisal or sea grass. The neutral colour will go with anything and it's look will transport you directly to the tropics for a cool feeling all summer long. Treat yourself to new bedding. All cotton sheets in brighter, fresher colours will make those summer nights seen cooler and make you feel like you've woken up in a new bed during those summer mornings. Paint the inside of your window sills yellow, The bright natural sunshine will only be intensified by the reflection of the yellow paint colour and the winter months will seem warmer as well!